1. cyclonias:

    it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down

  2. tvspecial:

    every 5 seconds a woman gives birth to a baby. stop this woman.

  3. ariannaniicole:

    Me when I’m drunk. 

  4. n0-p0st-0n-sunday:


    If you pull me on your lap there is a 101% chance I’m going to make out with you.

    i would advise you to avoid santa

  5. spe-s:

    i want kisses and maybe a little bit of rough sex 

  6. Get to know me meme: [2/10] female characters.

     Okay, look… believe what you want, but no one’s forcing me to be here. And if you tell anyone this, I’ll deny it - but I like being in Glee Club. It’s the best part of my day, okay? I wasn’t gonna go and mess it up.